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CodersTrust provides microfinance for underprivileged talents to upgrade their coding skills, so they can earn more money on freelance portals.

I am a CodersTrust student because it’s a great opportunity for me to learn the skills needed to make an online career as a freelancer and support my family.
Students / Sazzad, Bangladesh
Events / Digital World 2014, Dhaka
CodersTrust at the Digital World 2014 in Dhaka, June 4-7

We had the honor of being invited to attend several panel discussions, workshops and also did a CodersTrust workshop for current and potential future students.


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Why we do it

For a generation without education

Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. This limits them from getting an education and pursuing a better life.

  • 121 Million children without education worldwide.
  • At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.

We see an  Opportunity

There are jobs worth billions available online

Freelance marketplaces – such as oDesk and Elance – are transforming how the world works and millions of jobs are being made available on online job portals.

  • There has been posted jobs for over $2 Billion within IT & Programming  on Elance alone.
  • 54% of jobs are posted in the IT & Programming category on Elance. 

What  we do

CodersTrust democratizes access to education by creating an entirely new education infrastructure to serve the demand of the freelance marketplaces.


How we do it 

We provide microloans

Microloans are paid out monthly for a duration of 12 months. The microloans are divided into living expenses and tuition fee. This model allows the student to focus on their educational progress and further their IT skills.

  • Living expenses: The student can support themselves and their family and keep focus.
  • Tuition fee: Covers the students educational fees; personalized curriculums, one-on-one mentor and open office hours etc.

Students upgrade their skills

Students follow a 12-month personalized e-learning curriculum, work with a mentor, and perform paid assignments from online freelance marketplaces.

  • Curriculums: Online content curated by leading professionals within the field and put together in a learning order.
  • Mentors: The cornerstone of CodersTrust. The student and mentor has two weekly 1 hours chats.

They make more money online

During the CodersTrust program the student get’s a great online freelance profile with reviews, worked hours, passed tests and client portfolio. This combined with their upgraded skills that are in-demand ensures they get better paying jobs and tasks.

  • Trust: It’s all about trust when outsourcing. That’s why we start building up the student’s profiles from the 1st day.
  • Higher earnings: Profile, skills, experience and reputation all impact the average hourly wage on freelance portals. Everything we do at CodersTrust has this in mind.

With their higher earnings they repay

Student’s are guaranteed the monthly microloans. Once a student start earning money from freelance portals, they start repaying the microloan.

  • Student bonus: The student receives 35% of their online earnings on top of their monthly microloan.
  • Repayment: The rest is paid back to the loan giver minus a CodersTrust fee that is invested back into the platform.