With an estimated 2.37 billion workers in the world’s key emerging markets and an additional 416 million high school and college students projected to enter the workforce over the next 35 years, the developing world is in a race against time to absorb impending youth bulges and head-off potential employment crises. 

The market for consumer spending on education is now over $5tn, 8x the size of the software market and 3x size of the media and entertainment industry, yet education is only 2% digitised.



The future of work has already arrived, and digital leaders are fundamentally reinventing their workforces. Driven by a surge of on-demand labor platforms and online work management solutions, legacy models and hierarchies are being dissolved and replaced with talent marketplaces.

The on-demand enterprise will deliver the rapid innovation and organizational changes companies need to transform themselves into truly digital businesses.


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Over five million companies are posting over 100.000 paid jobs each month on 150 freelance portals. At the same time, world-class education is freely available from various learning portals anytime, anywhere. However, these channels only reach 14M registered freelancers out of a potential population of 200 million young people without jobs or educations in emerging markets. Furthermore, a majority of the 14M registered freelancers from these emerging markets are low-skilled workers earning less than 4 USD/hour, whereas the majority of the jobs being posted are high-skill coding jobs with average salaries of 10–20 USD/hour.

The cost of college is growing at an annual growth rate of 7.4%, which is close to double the consumer price index. It’s gone past the healthcare costs, house costs, and more. Consumers would be upset about the costs, however, there are financial institutions that have allowed people to borrow the money so they can afford to go to college. Students and parents alike are led to believe that whatever the costs are for college, it will be a necessary ticket to future prosperity.

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The educational system as we know it needs to go through some major changes. Unfortunately, not much has really changed about school as a whole since back the 18th century.  

Public education, paid for from taxation, compulsory to everybody, and free at the point of delivery was a revolutionary idea. And many people objected to it. They said it's not possible for many street kids, working class children to benefit from public education. They're incapable of learning to read and write, why are we spending time on this? 


"Nobody has quite cracked the code for the future of education," according to futurist Thomas Frey .

His vision for 2030 includes a massively enhanced version of today's open online courses — the kind of instruction you may find with Khan Academy, Coursera, or MIT OpenCourseWare. Only, the instructors won't be humans beamed through videos. They'll be bots, and they'll be smart enough to personalize each lesson plan to the child sitting in front of the screen.

By 2030 the largest company on the internet is going to be an education-based company   

"Today robotics and artificial intelligence call for another education revolution. This time, however, working lives are so lengthy and so fast-changing that simply cramming more schooling in at the start is not enough. People must also be able to acquire new skills throughout their careers. The classic model of education—a burst at the start and top-ups through company training—is breaking down. One reason is the need for new, and constantly updated, skills. The share of the American workforce employed in routine office jobs declined from 25.5% to 21% between 1996 and 2015. The single, stable career has gone the way of the Rolodex"

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