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CodersTrust (CT) is a Danish company with the mission of connecting underprivileged, disadvantaged and marginalized groups of people – especially youth and women – to education and online labor markets, in this way significantly increasing quality income-earning opportunities and economic independence. The vision of CodersTrust is to provide technical and soft-skill education for students in the Global South and emerging markets, enabling them to upgrade their skills and earn a living through Online Freelancing Projects.

We have already provided training for over 10,000 students worldwide, and we strive to provide quality training and job opportunities in the Global South. CT is aligning its activities with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with high focus on Quality Education (#4), Gender Equality (#5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (#8) and Reduced Inequalities (#10). CT are dedicated to training all societal groups in both digital and soft skills, and also to navigating the digital ecosystem, to ensure that as many people as possible are mentored from education into a successful introduction to online work/digital freelancing. If you graduate with specific ICT skills, you can seek work anywhere and literally be anywhere!

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We are hard at work on providing our students with the latest knowledge needed to succeed in their journey

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We take pride in having already educated more than 10,000 people and impacted a large volume of families in the Global South since 2014, and we only aim to increase these numbers. Combining education and job creation forges a unique ecosystem where the world is truly connected with a purpose and mutual benefit. Companies in Bratislava can have their website built in Kenya and students in the Philippines can bid on managing the Social Media Portfolio for the Mountain bike Shop in White Horse, Canada.

Success is providing The CodersTrust Ecosystem for education and job creation on a global scale, where each registered user would have the chance to leverage our ecosystem to gain relevant skills, suitable for making a living in the freelance marketplace, but also at the same time providing a marketplace for clients looking to hire freelancers. We do not base our success on only educating but also on providing necessary soft skills for our students to be competitive in the freelance marketplace and giving them the motivational boosts.

CodersTrust has since its founding in 2013 worked with both public and private organizations as well as private angel investors to fund the scaling of a company with a mission to educate and create digital jobs for marginalized groups. We have managed education projects in 11 countries and currently have schools in Bangladesh, Kenya and the Middle East, with our Headquarters being located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have partnered with worldwide reputable Organizations, in providing education in the Global South and Conflict Zones (Middle East). Our path forward is an inclusive strategy of working with a range of revenue streams, of both commercial activities and CSR/NGO related projects.



CodersTrust Global Team


Mads Galsgaard

Chief Executive Officer

Taulant Ukmata

Project Director

Dovile Soendergaard

Project Coordinator

Alborita Mehana

Project Manager

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