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As a Captain of the Danish army he served as recovery officer in Iraq – as a recovery. He pioneered a recovery project with the allied forces, bringing internet and e-learning to the citizens of the region in which he was stationed. 

The project was a massive success and inspired him to eventually create CodersTrust – supported by Danida – with a vision to democratize access to education via the internet on a global scale.


"We are taking on the ultimate challenge of our generation in achieving something that millions of dollars worth of bombs and military equipment can't do. To create a sustainable peace in freedom by rolling out an inclusive financial system with access to education & the labor market".

Ferdinand Kjærulff

Founder and CEO

Why CodersTrust?


Impact Investors

Our Vision

We believe in a borderless world with equal opportunities for everyone. We believe student finance and the freelance market will make this happen. Currently, paid education and equal opportunities is limited to people that are born in certain countries whereas millions of people in developing countries are denied access to education. With CodersTrust — paid education is made available, if you have access to the internet. We believe that investing in the education of our youth is something everyone will benefit from. The freelance market will have more qualified workers, our students will increase their earnings, and CodersTrust will make money to expand the service to more people.

Student finance for a borderless workforce

Nearly every aspect of life has been changed by the Internet. However, this revolution has not made any significant impact for people at the bottom of the pyramid. CodersTrust is based on the basic premise that there is already an online labor market and several online learning portals, but what is missing is a financial system to fund the education of the labor force of tomorrow. We’re building such a system that can have a truly powerful impact for the poor. Not only is the brainpower of millions of people currently being wasted, but with the extreme inequality in the world it is simply a revolution just waiting to happen.

Universal Access to Paid Education

Our Mission

CodersTrust is the brainchild of Ferdinand Kjærulff

Over five million companies are posting over 100.000 paid jobs each month on 150 freelance portals. At the same time, world-class education is freely available from various learning portals anytime, anywhere. However, these channels only reach 14M registered freelancers out of a potential population of 200 million young people without jobs or educations in emerging markets. Furthermore, a majority of the 14M registered freelancers from these emerging markets are low-skilled workers earning less than 4 USD/hour, whereas the majority of the jobs being posted are high-skill coding jobs with average salaries of 10–20 USD/hour.
CodersTrust provides a combined online Learn & Earn platform for new and existing freelancers, enabling them to upgrade their skills to earn more money on freelance portals. CodersTrust bridges the gap between the online labor market and the proliferation of freely available courses as well as the skill gap between supply and demand. CodersTrust measures the online reputation of freelancers using a Trust Score by integrating students’ online freelance, learning and social profiles. Students can increase their Trust Scores by completing the available course content on the platform.

Why you should join?

Md. Hafizur Rashid
Head of Education 

Mizanur Rahman
Head of HR and Accounts

Rabiul Azam
Head of Sales

M A G Osmani
Country Director 

Private Investors

Lone Fønss Schrøder

Morten Lund

Kotaro Yamagishi

Stig Abildsø

Tommy Chia

Special Advisors

Aziz Ahmad
Board & Advisor

Jan Mattsson
Senior Strategic Advisor

Douglas Rushkoff
Strategic Advisor

Sajid Rahman


Ferdinand Kjærulff
Founder and CEO

Asser Smidt
Co-Founder and COO Europe

Jan-Cayo Fiebig
Co-Founder and COO

Mehran Najafi

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Sheikh Md alehuddin (Daniel)
Head of Digital Marketing

Asif Rahman
Executive Director

Simarna Duggal
CT India Advisor

Amar Duggal
Board & Advisor

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