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taught by Abdul Kader

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There is nothing that does not require Design. Whatever you see needs a beautification before creating. Even in this Digital world, now Graphic Design has Great Demand around the world. Starting from a Business card to a complete website requires Design and mockups. Both print materials and Web content has similar Demand in the current market. Our main focus is to show you how design works and make you able to earn money from marketplaces. Your passion and interest will let you achieve all the success. You don’t have to have a Design background or you don’t need to be an artist either to take the course. All you need is courage and passion.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Video Demo, Practice, Question and Answer session.

Learning Outcomes

⇒ Know how Design works

⇒ Learn Adobe Illustrator and its tools

⇒ Learn Adobe Photoshop and its tools

⇒ How Image and Vector works

⇒ How to Design Print Materials

⇒ How to Design Web Content

⇒ What is User Interface and User Experience?

⇒ How to design Wireframe

⇒ How to Design Web User Interface

⇒ How to mockup your Design

⇒ Identify the steps to set up and utilize bank feeds

⇒ Able to design business card, flyers, psd templates, logo etc

course overview



Abdul Kader

Live Mentor in Graphical Design

Hey Champs, I started as a CodersTrust Student and two years after I am proudly not only a level 2 seller on Fiverr with 50 clients around the world but also a Live Mentor for CodersTrust. What an unbelievable journey that I would like to share with my students. For that I work, learn and grow. I was one of you not that long ago. I know the pain and know the troubles but with hard work, CodersTrust and a bit of luck I made it. So can you!

What people say

“Abdul is one of the web-designer that I will always work with. And I recomment that you have him for your work.”
Gunnar Jónsson
“Excellent dedication and do-whatever-it-takes attitude to get the job done to the client's satisfaction. Provided a valuable partnership that left a lasting impression. Look forward to working with Abdul again!”
Sam Major
– Upwork
“I saw Abdul as a student, as a teaching assistant, as a our graphic designer and offline mentor. What a great journey and our students love Kader so we are hence launching our Graphic Design Live class so talents all over the country can Learn & Earn with him.”
– Co-Founder CodersTrust

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