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Success in Life & Career

taught by Cayo Fiebig

Learn & Earn with the Co-Founder & Chairman of CodersTrust itself!


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1st Personal
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Be successful &
make more money


Taught by the
Co-Founder of CT


1st power course ever with our Co-Founder and Superstar Cayo.


Course: Success in Life & Career Schedule: Tue & Thurs 7-10 PM Starting Date: 26.04.2017 Duration: 2 Months Mode: Live Class Set Up Location: Anywhere in the world Target Group: Only for people who want to succeed in life

Formula for success we apply:

  • Set Goals for success
  • Learn required skills
  • Apply new skills
  • Improve & review goals
  • Achieve goals
  • Do it again

After the class you will:

  • make more money!
  • be more successful, happier and confident
  • become financially independent
  • Stand our from the crowd
  • Know what to do, when and why
  • impress yourself, your family, friends, clients and employer

What you will get:

  • 16 live classes with the Co-Founder of CodersTrust
  • toolkit to live a more successful life
  • 5 Principles to make more money
  • 5 personal life hacks
  • Access to largest freelancing community
  • Ace interviews
  • Build a personal brand for success
  • Know how to win clients

We know that your success is not dependant of how many other freelancers apply, their skill level or job success. You set your own bar and you define your paths going forward. We have hence created a course that will get you there; to the first project, to the increased earnings and to the top percentile of rockstar freelancers. At most you will know how to stand out from the crowd. How to not write a standard cover letter that the client will stamp as copy paste and delete your application.

Be the person you want to be!


course overview



Cayo Fiebig

Live Mentor

Cayo is the proud Co-Founder of CodersTrust, a microfinance platform for IT Talents to upgrade their skills so they can earn more money on the freelancing portals. For the last 28 years, he also holds the position of Chief Happiness Officer of his own life. Before finding what Cayo is truly passionate about he lived in nine countries, working for Mercedes-Benz and A.T. Kearny. He was fortunate to study in Germany, US, UK, Denmark and Canada, which probably let him to his path of not accepting that world-class education is only available to the few. Together with a team of passionate believers he is breaking barriers and stigmas, enabling the underprivileged through microfinance, collaborative online learning and the online labour market. Cayo sees the potential of a borderless workforce, the power of emotional intelligence and embracing uncertainty. Being hit by a lightning, an earthquake and tornado, he probably also believes in attracting natural disasters.

Over the last 3 years we have been growing CodersTrust to the largest freelancing hub in Bangladesh. We work together with the best freelancers in the country, hire the top ones, enable the newcomers and train the ones who want to become a Digital Hero. All have or are facing the same problems. I have taken these problems and turned them into opportunities for you. You will find 10 principles that will help you to climb up the latter and ultimately be successful.

I cannot wait to get started. To all freelancers, superstars, dreamers, believers and future champs. Let's do this together.

Code you later, Cayo

What people say

“Super impressed by Cayo's skills and personality. He came up with an idea that is one of the biggest I have ever seen being part of more than 100 startups already.”
Morten Lund
– Skype Investor
“Cayo is a change maker, who has already enabled thousands of IT Talents of our country to become financially independant. I highly recommend Cayo and am glad to see him as a mentor for our youth.”
Aziz Ahmed
– UTC Director
“Finally Cayo is in front of the camera. This course is what each aspiring mind needs to become successful! Knowing Cayo it will be a course full of energy, fun and wisdom. Be ready.”
Anirban Das Gubta
– Investor, Founder & CEO Nexim
“It is raw that a Co-Founder wants to be so directly involved with his students. Respect. Join and learn as much as you can!”
Amar Duggal
– Investor, CEO & Founder of several companies

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